Pointless rambling, now with sunshine and a puppy on the deck

This is where I wish I could be today. Warm, laying in the sun on the deck, napping in the late morning. She’s got the life.

I love this view. The sun came out again yesterday and I was finally able to get warm. I was even able to finish painting the kitchen door. Of course the white fluffy tree pollen was floating everywhere and sticking to the wet paint so the door is now texturized, and possibly will soon be sprouting trees.

The railing should start going up this weekend, very exciting. Sort of. I’m excited that the railing will finally be up, but I’m also a little sad that I won’t be able to hang my feet off the back anymore. An no more puppy on the edge photos either.

I laid down on the deck to try to get a picture of Molly and I leaned on some button on my camera which brought up a menu I had never seen before. I have to read the manual again because whatever setting it changed seemed to make a big difference taking scenery-type pictures. I think it set the focus at infinity instead of auto, or whatever setting it was. A happy accident, I love those.


One Comment

  1. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. I am sitting at my desk looking out at a city street, but ohsobriefly I was (in spirit!) on your decking, looking at the sunshine on the trees. Lovely.

    (My cats joined your puppy on the decking. As this was an out-of-body experience, nobody chased or hissed anyone.)


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