Saving the World, One Bag at a Time

Since… January? I’ve had this idea in my head to make some reusable tote bags with iron-on images of my artwork or little sayings maybe, and sell them on Etsy.  I bought some soft natural cotton fabric and cut out the pieces and then left them on my sewing table for WEEKS.  Last night I finally decided to sew them together and, crap, I hate it when things don’t turn out the way I imagined they would.  (And also, my brain keeps playing tricks on me making me think I spelled reduce and reuse wrong.  I can’t tell you how many double-takes I’ve done since I ironed that on.)

Well, sure, it’s a nice bag.  You should feel it.  The fabric is like old pillowcase soft and it’s lined with cotton batting, giving it a sturdy, snuggly feeling.  The straps are long enough to loop over your shoulder and it’s large enough to hold several books or groceries.  But it’s just not what I thought it would be.  It’s puffier (I should try a new lining) and the straps are a bit floppy (I should have lined them) and the iron-on transfer changed the color of the fabric (which I why I sewed on the binding as a frame to hide it).  I don’t know.  It’s OK, but it’s not my favorite.

On that note, how about I give it away?  So many other websites are having giveaways this week, I feel like being charitable myself.  If you would like a chance to win this lovely imperfect reusable tote bag handmade with love, and a little frustration, just leave a comment on this post by 8pm EST.  Tonight I’ll choose a comment at random and that lucky commenter will win!  How about that?

5 thoughts on “Saving the World, One Bag at a Time

  1. I think it’s very cute. You have the patience of a saint to put all that time and effort into it. Perhaps if you’re going to make another, use thinner and darker fabric for the inside so it doesn’t get too dirty too fast.

  2. I’m your #1 fan! I love that bag! I’m sick! Jane’s sick! Greg’s sick! He has a man cold! The neighbor is mad at me because Junior was barking at her! (or wait, this isn’t a contest to see who is hosting the biggest personal pity party??)

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