Drumroll please…

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Let me first say thank you for everyone’s comments. It was nice to find some new readers (well maybe not NEW, but new to me). Hi everyone!

So I was going to write everyone’s names on slips of paper and pull them from a hat but I’m busy making Snickery Squares right now (and I’m lazy) so I went the easy way: random.org. I numbered each comment based on the order they were left, then asked random.org to generate a random number for me.

And the winner is…

AMANDA! Seriously, I swear it was COMPLETELY legit. This was not a fixed drawing whatsoever, but I’m so happy that Amanda won! She especially needs a pick-me-up considering she’s living with a sick baby and a man cold. Bummer. I would offer to mail it to you, but I’ll just give it to you on Sunday when I see you! Congratulations!!



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