Catching Up

Remember my completely lame post about my new lamp wherein I forgot to take a picture of my lamp? Well here it is. So what do you think? I think I’m getting used to the size of it and I like it again.

And while we’re talking about the past, look!

On Friday our deck railing was delivered. Yay! Somehow I expected the railing for a 40′ x 14′ deck to be in a bigger box. It’s really only 33 lengths of cable and some hardware. See?

The posts have been ordered and if all goes well, Luke might start putting it together this weekend!

On Friday we also had to say good-bye to our good friend Megan (the shorter one with the glasses) as she ventures off to a wonderful new adventure as Programming Queen of Philly, or whatever her new title is. It was bittersweet seeing her go but knowing how awesome this new job will be for her. What made it a little easier was the always adorable Miss Jane. And of course, it was nice to see her mommy, too.

On Saturday I was taking pictures of the wildflowers growing in the yard. I am obsessed with the native woodland plants and flowers in our yard and I am determined to one day find a Ladyslipper. No Ladyslippers spotted Saturday, but I did see one giant dog. Oh, wait, I recognize those ears.

She’s so nosy. And the Toad Lilys are a-sprouting everywhere, they’re so pretty.

And now we’re back at the present where it’s raining and it’s cold and it’s raining some more. Boo. Looking ahead… I can’t believe it’s almost May. Exactly a month until my birthday! Hint, hint!


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