I was going to ask you all for your opinion of my new lamp today but SOMEONE forgot to take a picture of it this morning.  Who could that be?

I bought a big, beautiful lamp last night for one of our bedside tables and I was completely in love with it at the store.  Then I got it home, within the scale of our home, I looked at it and thought, “holy crap that’s a big lamp”.  Then Luke woke up, sneered at the lamp and said “where’s THAT going?”  Now I’m doubting my purchase.

I really wish I had a picture, that would make this all make much more sense…  This lamp is exactly the style, but my lamp has a clear glass base.

I’m unsure.  I’m usually 100% sure of everything I pick out but this time I don’t know.  Considering the fact that my lamp cost exactly $100 less that that lamp I linked to, I probably shouldn’t even bother doubting it.  This morning I kind of liked it, maybe tomorrow I’ll love it again.  I’ll take a picture tonight so you all can see what I’m talking about.

In other house news, are you considering painting a room in your house?  Not sure what color to choose?  Check this link out (thanks to Design*Sponge for pointing it out):  Domino’s 50 Painted Rooms.  Fifty pictures of painted, decorated rooms with the paint source noted for each picture.  I’m in love with 32, I’m totally painting my kitchen that color.


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