My attention span has been severely shortened by the combination of my constant desire to go outside and soak in the sunshine, and my recent massive doses of allergy medication. On that note… wait, what was I saying? Oh right, so here are just a few short ADD thoughts for today.

I stayed late at a work event last night, and when I got home around 9:30, I sat out on the deck and watched the heat lightning. OK, #1, I SAT OUT ON THE DECK (yay) and, #2, heat lightning? That happens in July, not April. What’s going on? Whatever it was, it really was beautiful.

My beloved Treo started to act up yesterday. It was locking up and switching tasks slowly, then the battery went dead for no reason. I charged it the night before, what the heck? I tossed the dead brick in my bag and went to listen to a lecture on sustainability in which the subject of planned obsolescence was discussed, including the example of cell phone companies designing their phones to die in 1.5-2 years so we will always have the need to buy new phones. Coincidence? Well, um Palm people poking at the voodoo doll of my Treo – it hasn’t even been a YEAR! Luckily it seems to be behaving today, which is good because I have to keep the Treo until Sprint becomes an iPhone carrier, darnit!

I watched La Dolce Vita this week, and by “this week” I mean it. It took me four days to watch the whole movie. I did enjoy it, but it’s LONG and in Italian with subtitles and I’m not used to sitting and watching (or reading) a movie. I’d rather wander around the house sewing or cooking while watching a movie. I wanted to watch it because after seeing Under the Tuscan Sun so many times, I was curious to know what the whole lady-in-the-fountain scene had to do with La Dolce Vita, as Francis mentions in the movie. I still love the Under the Tuscan Sun movie, but after reading the book and watching La Dolce Vita, I don’t understand how they could call the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. I think it was more La Dolce Vita than Under the Tuscan Sun. I wonder if Francis Mayes is mad about that.

Hey look, it’s sunny out! I think I’ll go for a walk. More brilliant thoughts from my pollen-filled brain tomorrow.


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