Bloomin’ Spring!

In honor of Earth Day, and to answer Paula’s question, let’s have a look at what’s going on in my yard right now.

The forsythia is in bloom, which makes me so happy.

The rhododendron is starting to bud.

Plants are waking up in the garden.

And the trees have buds. (ah-CHOO!)

Spring is here! Happy Earth Day to everyone and Happy Birthday to Alex!


One Comment

  1. Now THAT was the best answer to a question ever! Loved it!!! But now I’m depressed to go home to our still dead yard. Our forsythias are just BARELY starting to get yellow. Funny, I drove all over Eastford this past weekend and everybody else’s are in full bloom. I swear we have our very own climate at our house. Happy Earth Day to you too!


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