A Weekend of Boys

I’m tired. My weekend was spent surrounded by boys. Saturday morning, my favorite boy pried me out of bed early to get coffee so he could head to the river and go fishing (it was opening day).

Nice waders, huh? I took one look at Luke and Roland in their fishing get-ups and thought: Frog and Toad! Am I right?

Roland caught one big trout and Luke caught two smaller ones which we cooked on the grill that night. Look how pretty they were.

After the fishing, my nephews came over for a few hours while Andrea was working and their dad was at a hockey game getting his nose broken (that’s another story). Luke was working on the deck and I was trying to spread mulch in my gardens and it was a struggle to keep the boys outside with us. They begged and pleaded and kept sneaking inside. They wanted to watch TV and play video games and do anything but be outside. Weirdos. It was tiring, but we managed to distract them and keep them busy. Cameron and I played cowboys and indians in the sand under the deck:

And Alex followed Luke around and eventually convinced him to pull out one of the motorcycles so he could sit on it:

I think he liked it. They begged some more to go inside and so I made a deal with them. We’d take a walk down to the river and then come back to the house and if they still wanted to go inside, they could. Let me add to this story that these two boys refused to put shorts on when they got to my house, even though it was about 80 degrees out, and Cameron asked for gardening gloves while paying in the sand. OK, let’s continue. So we went down to the river to do the thing all kids seem to love – throw rocks in the water.

Cameron’s wearing a headlamp because… well because he’s six and he doesn’t have to make any sense. We moved down river to look for more flat rocks (we were all practicing skipping them) and we found a nice sand bar that the current had made.

I took off my shoes to walk on the sand and something odd happened. Cameron wanted to take his shoes and socks off. Alex did, too. The boys who previously didn’t want to be outside, now wanted to touch the sand. Hooray. From shoes and socks, we ended up taking off Alex’s pants after he sat in the water, then Luke went to the house to get their shorts and not long after that, we witnessed this:

And this:

And (who the heck are these boys?) THIS:

And let me tell you, that water was COLD. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I still can’t.

After we recovered from watching the boys on Saturday, I got to see them some more on Sunday for Alex’s third birthday! Three already, where has the time gone?

I was glad he liked sitting on the motorcycle so much since this is what we got him for his birthday:

A new quad! Yay. Maybe next year we can get him a real quad!

Well anyhow, it was a full weekend and I am pooped. We also did plenty of yard work and gardening and Luke made more progress on the deck, but I’ll have to tell you about all of that later because if I type any more you’re all going to fall asleep at your keyboards.



  1. 1) You are a bad influence. They wanted to stay nice and clean and you forced them to get dirty. You and TAKING OFF YOUR SHOES!
    2) Those boys are so darn cute
    3) I can’t believe fish that big are in that river!


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