Enjoy your son’s birthday!

I’m fully aware that I’m only two years younger than my sister, and that at nearly 32 (yes, my age now) my mom had a 12 year-old and a 10 year-old (how on Earth did you do it Mom?) but still. When the nice cashier at Toys ‘R Us last night chatted me up about the gift I was buying for Alex’s birthday and how old was he, and did he have any brothers, and then said as I left, “enjoy your son’s birthday” my lingering thought was, “Are you crazy? Do I look like a mom??” Apparently so.



  1. That was funny. It’s scary isn’t it? Even harder for me to look at Jessica and think that she’s my step-DAUGHTER. As a matter of fact, I’m older than her real mother. How on earth could I be old enough to be her mother? Sigh.


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