All I Asked Was That He Pull Up the Yuccas

And this is what I saw when I came out of the house.

(Sorry, I’m having some trouble embedding the YouTube video, follow this link to watch.)

We spent the entire weekend outside, it was wonderful. It wasn’t exactly warm and springy, but it was warmish and we’re so desperate for spring that warmish will do.

The lilies are starting to pop up and the pesky pup likes to get in on all the action. Raking out the garden beds and seeing the sprouts of plants-to-be makes me excited to garden. I have a vision for the yard, I can’t wait to work on it.

I started to put in two new garden beds while Luke worked on the deck. The beds further beyond the trellis used to extend all the way to that pine tree off in the distance, but a few years ago we decided to mow them down to make a whiffle ball field instead of have an unruly weed-infested garden, and the good plants were moved and condensed into the two beds you see. Now those beds are looking lame and most of the good plants have been moved to other places, so the last of the good stuff will come closer to the house and go into the two new beds and the last of the weeds will become more outfield. Except for the yucca. Do not plant yucca. They are all over my yard and I hate them with a passion. They are hardy and invasive and I swear they’d survive nuclear attack. A neighbor had them planted near her driveway and they spread and broke through the asphalt. They are evil. I have dug them up, yanked them out, and mowed them down but still they come back every year. I asked Luke to pull them out one more time before the warm spring weather wakes them up, so he decided to do it his way, as you saw. It worked. They came up, but I guarantee they’ll grow back next year.

Work on the deck continued this weekend. Some seriously confusing math and geometrical calculations went on all weekend as Luke decided where exactly to dig the holes and set the posts for the deck. The Sonotubes are in and, if all goes well, the building inspector should be at the house right now signing off on the depth of the holes. Once that’s done, the concrete can be poured and then the real fun begins. I can’t wait.


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