I can’t quite gather my thoughts today so I thought I’d just throw out some randomness.

First off, Happy Birthday Leeland! Leeland was a college roommate of mine and is now a cool dog-walking entrepreneur living in New York. Have a great green b-day Leeland!

And of course, Happy St. Patrick’s day to everyone else who isn’t having a birthday today. It’s cold and windy out today and I couldn’t find anything both warm and green to wear. I had to wear green earrings with my non-green outfit to show my Irish spirit. When I was in high school, we had the coolest (possibly craziest) principal named Mr. Fleming. Every year on St. Patrick’s Day he declared it a half day, and the last two hours of our already shortened day was spent in an assembly, singing Irish drinking songs with Tom Callinan, Connecticut’s Official State Troubador. I miss high school…

I cleaned my car this weekend. This shouldn’t be news, but it’s only the second time I’ve done it since I bought my car more than a year ago. I really hate cleaning it. I should try to do it more often though, while vacuuming under the seats I found a bill that hadn’t been mailed. That clears up the mystery as to why they keep billing me every month when I know I wrote out a check to pay them in August! A little embarrassing, but kinda funny.

My dad and I brewed some beer on Friday. He got a beer-making kit for Christmas from my mom but wanted me to help him follow the directions. There’s a keg on my counter fermenting at this very moment. This weekend we bottle it, and possibly the following weekend we can drink it! If it comes out good, I may be able to add Brewmaster to my list of titles. Look out, Jim Koch.


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