A Big Hug to Flickr

My worst fears have come true.  The CD that had all of my Molly pictures, pre-Flickr, is now a useless shiny Frisbee.  I’m so glad I got some of the pictures off of it last night.  My PC froze up when I was looking through the pictures on the disk and I had to force quit the CD drive to get things back to normal.  Once things settled down and I put the CD back in, half of the pictures were gone.  Fearing that I’d lose the others, including my favorite first-night-home puppy pictures, I uploaded them to Flickr, stat, and then thought maybe a reboot would clear up this misunderstanding between the disk and my CD drive.  So much worse.  Not only did the missing picture not show up, the CD won’t even load.  My pictures are gone, but luckily some of them are safe on Flickr.

Let this be a warning, if you have any precious pictures on your computer, or even on an archived CD, consider putting them on Flickr, too.  I don’t keep any pictures on my computer anymore, I don’t even save them to CDs, everything goes onto Flickr.  All the picture files were slowing down my computer and trying to find a specific picture among a boxful of archived CDs on was annoying.  Now it all goes to Flickr and if I want that picture of my sister winning at Jenga three years ago, I search for “Andrea” and there it is!  Or the one of mom graduating from the University of Hartford, I search for “mom” and “graduation” and voila!

So what I’m saying is this, no matter how safe you think your precious photos are, they aren’t.  I know that Flickr isn’t perfect, lightning could strike their server, who knows, but one more layer of protection for my memories is important to me and I have found that Flickr does the job well and cheaply.  Go check it out, you may be singing its praises someday, too.


One Comment

  1. I love the overload of Molly pics on your blog! She was such a cute puppy and is, of course, still cute now! That stinks about the CD – I’m glad you were able to save some of them!


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