One of these things is not like the others…

On my desk at work, I have the following: real pear, artificial peach (with real fuzz), artificial D’Anjou pear, and one artificial red thing, not sure what it is.  And guess which one I just almost bit into.

We needed some fake fruit for a piece in the gallery (don’t ask) and in order to save money, I ordered a bag of mixed fruits, resulting in one extra peach, one extra pear, and one extra I’m not sure what.  Pomegranate?  Red onion?  Is a red onion a fruit?  Anyhow, I left the extras on my desk for some reason, maybe laziness, maybe to make me look health-conscious, and today I kept trying to eat the pear.  The fake pear.  I had a real pear there, but I kept grabbing the fake one.  Time to buy a fake fruit bowl and get these things off my desk.


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