Not as Much Fun as We Had Hoped

Well, the force was with us, (we watched The Empire Strikes Back three times), but sadly so was Croup, and a late night trip to the emergency room.

Cameron looked like he wasn’t feeling well on Friday after school and woke up at 3am with a bad rattling cough and a fever. Magical Motrin and an extra pillow and he was back sleeping and feeling fine. He even woke me up at 6 on Saturday by saying brightly, “Auntie Lisa, remember a while ago when we saw Happy Feet? I have to find Happy Feet.” To which I replied, “huh… what??”

My mom came on Saturday to take over for the evening and ended up calling me around 11 on Saturday night to ask if I’d come stay at the house while Alex slept and she took Cameron to the ER because he was having trouble breathing. Too anxious to sleep, I watched a movie and read and washed dishes and did whatever I could to keep occupied until they got home around 4am with a diagnosis of Croup. Poor guy, he sounds so bad, but he’s in good spirits. My poor mom, recovering from a cold herself, got only about an hour of sleep before Cameron woke her again and then Alex woke up, rested and raring to go.

I stopped in again for a couple of hours yesterday so my mom could run out to pick up more prescriptions for Cameron, and he seems to be doing better. He still has the awful cough and sunken-looking eyes, but when I asked him how he was feeling, he said, “Good, can I have a snack?” so I think he’s on the road to recovery.

Not the fun weekend we had hoped for, but we survived. I slept for about 9 hours last night, that helped. I’m hoping that my mom did the same. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll feel back to normal. How do moms do it? I just don’t know.

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