Crazy, Soon With Two Times More Crazy

Looks peaceful, doesn’t it?  I painted this last weekend to hang in the now happy, bright, and art-filled guest bedroom.  Let’s just take a moment to bask in the peacefulness… aahhh.

OK, back to reality.  This week has been nonstop nuts with multiple appointments and jury duty, and one awesome yoga class that kicked my butt, and tonight I pack my jammies and my puppy and go to my sister’s house to watch her two boys as she and her husband take off for a tropical weekend of sunshine in Canada.  Wait, I got that wrong.  They wish it was tropical, and maybe it will be sunny, but it’s definitely Canada and it’s sure to be freezing cold.  Anyhow, I will be at home with the boys, and with the help of my mom who is tag-teaming the boy wrangling duties, hopefully neither of us will go crazy and we’ll have good weekends all around.  Tomorrow I get to pretend to be a mommy and take Cameron to kindergarten.  I’m nervous – I hope I do it right.  Cameron will surely tell me if I don’t.  I did find a magic weapon to help me through the weekend, thanks to my mom who told me that Cameron wants to come over her house every weekend to watch Star Wars on her digital cable.  I talked to Cameron on the phone on Tuesday and told him that I had all the Star Wars movies on DVD and I was going to bring them this weekend so we could watch them. He was so excited, he’s probably been asking my sister about that all week.  Sorry Andrea.  So wish me luck this weekend, and may the force be with me.


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