17,000 Miles and Where Have I Gone?

One year ago today I brought home my new Yaris.  It’s been a fun year, a less expensive, fuel-efficient, cute car-driving fun year.  And today when I checked my odometer I see that it’s also been a year of driving a lot.  Holy crap, 17,000 miles!  The Yaris had 70 miles on the odometer when I brought it home.  Today when I get home from work it will have just over 17,070.  That’s crazy!

Don’t tell my insurance company.  According to my policy, they think I drive 7,500 miles per year.  Who only drives 7,500 miles in one year?  (Well, with the exception of my friend Paula who almost never drives her new Saab and probably hasn’t even had the oil changed yet in the year she’s had it, that’s a different story.)   It’s 25 miles one way to work for me, that alone would add up to more than 7,500 and I drive to other places than work.  Like to the grocery store.  And Jo-Ann Fabric.  But where else have I gone?

The farthest we went in the Yaris was the one day we went to New Hampshire to buy Luke’s truck.  We also took a trip to Vermont when we were truck shopping, but other than that, I have nothing to say for my 17,000 miles.  Well, nothing regarding where I went, but I can say plenty about my car.

I love my Yaris.  I’m still in love with it.  If they made “I Heart My Yaris” t-shirts, I’d wear one.  Happy Yarisaversary!


One Comment

  1. Something even more pathetic than how few miles I put on my car . . . I had to take a phone interview to get disability insurance. They were all over me because I own and drive a motorcycle. They needed to know how many miles I drive per year and what it the top speed I drive. The answers made me laugh! You can just imagine . . . One might wonder why I even bother owning either a motorcycle or a car! I should just have a bicycle for the amount of miles I drive.


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