I heard that it was going to be in the 40s today which does cheer me up slightly, but still, I’m really tired of this snow. Friday we took a long walk by the river in the midst of the storm and I tried really hard to find something good about the snow. Something pretty, something that made me happy. The only thing I found was this:

My tiny snow-loving pup. If she had the ability to shout “woo-hoo!” she would have the moment I let her out the back door on Friday. She almost jumped with joy. She runs and darts and slides and chases flakes and jams her head into the snow to sniff. She’s hilarious.

I wish I could share her excitement. She even broke through the ice at the bank of the river at one point and plooped her backside in the frigid water, then scrambled back out and continued to run around for half an hour.

I need to learn a bit about snow appreciation from her. Right now I’m thick in snow loathing while she stares out the window and begs to go out again. Twenty-five more days till Spring.


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