Maybe One More Chance

I’m sitting here watching the Oscars right now and the two actors from Once are singing that song from the movie when they first play together in the music shop. Have you seen Once? My friend Megan overwhelmingly recommended it to me last month so I borrowed it from Netflix. And… I really didn’t like it. Or did I? I tried three times to watch it and the last time I got pretty far in, but then fell asleep and just didn’t really care enough to try to finish it. But now I’m sitting here while they sing and I realized that I’ve been staring at the television with like a zombie, hands frozen over the keypad, emails forgotten because I can’t believe how much I love that song. It gives me the chills and I wish I knew the words so I could sing my heart out along with them. Maybe I should give it one more chance. Try to actually finish the movie and I guess, if nothing else, I can watch that scene in the music shop again.

P.S. I hope they win the Oscar.

Oh, and P.P.S., Jack Nicholson looks AWFUL. Remember in Men In Black when the bug was “wearing an Edgar suit“? That’s about how good he’s looking these days.

Update: They won! And they won while I was downloading “Falling Slowly” off iTunes. Yay!



  1. Didn’t see the movie, didn’t love the song, thought their Oscar speeches kicked me up and down the street they were so good. I love that he yelled “make art! make art!” and that Jon Steward brought her back to the stage to say “fair play for those who dream big.” Also – points for the MiB reference, which killed me. And Nicholson didn’t look half as bad as Colin Farrell and his scary shiny hair.


  2. […] a charm, apparently.  The Netflix computers may think I’m strange, I’m sure, but two weeks after I sent Once back because I couldn’t get through it, I asked to borrow it again and sat down to watch it […]


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