The Mall on President’s Day (alternate title: What? Are You Crazy?)

That’s right, Black Friday shopper that I am, I was a bit scared to enter the mall on President’s Day, but my mom and my sister persuaded me and so I went. It actually wasn’t as bad as I had expected, but we were there with the boys which meant spending time at the play area, and play area = the center of the crazy. I’m not exactly a germophobe but with all the kids and all the runny noses and sneezing, that place makes me want to go home and shower in bleach. The boys played for a while, the grownups chatted, and we ran into my cousin who was there with her two kids, so it wasn’t really bad at all.

After plague central the play area, we grabbed a bite at the food court and then rode the carousel, to which I said, “there’s a carousel in the mall?” From the time it opened until the time I actually got a job in the mall, I practically lived there. Now it seems like years since I was last there. And being there makes me feel old. Not only do I look like a mom walking around holding hands with cute little Alex (who complimented me on my shoes, what a gentleman), but most of the punks hanging around the mall are probably young enough the BE my kids! It’s painful to realize that not only do you refer to yourself as a grownup (and in the third person for some reason) but you actually ARE a grownup.  Sigh…


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