It was a dark and stormy night…

Early Sunday afternoon, Luke and I went for a walk down by the river to see how much the recent rains had changed things. It was beautiful and stark and everything was bright and icy, it was a nice time for a walk. Today, I’m sure it’s all different.

We got pounded last night with another big rain storm and another several inches of the wet stuff. Around 1:30am I woke up because I thought I heard something. Usually I just ignore what I thought I heard and go back to bed, but this time I just felt uneasy and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I rolled over and looked at the clock, then realized that the house was really dark. You don’t realize how much light all of your various electronic things put out until you lose power. The alarm clock face wasn’t lit, the glowing power button on the computer in the office wasn’t casting a glow into the hallway. The light from the answering machine and the clock on the stove weren’t lit. The power was out AGAIN and the house was pitch dark.

I looked out toward the closest neighbor’s house and it looked like his power was out, too. Up on the street, I can usually see a streetlight or two through the trees – nothing. Even the lights on route 6, which you can usually make out in the dark during the winter with no leaves on the trees, they were out, too.  I grabbed my cell phone, threw a log on the fire, found a flashlight and climbed back into bed.  Then I started thinking.  What are the chances that anyone else is up at 1:30am to notice that the power is out and call the power company?  If I wait until the neighbors call, it could be morning before it’s fixed.  So I called.  Connecticut Light & Power has an automated hotline where you can call and report an outage or check the status of one.  I entered my information, they told me I was the first one to report the outage, thank you for calling, I hung up and went back to sleep.

An hour later I woke up to Molly barking her head off at the gigantic CL&P truck coming up our driveway.  I grabbed her and we watched to see what in the world this guy was doing.  He put his ridiculous strobe lights on (because, you know there’s a lot of traffic to watch for when you’re parked a quarter mile down a private dirt driveway) and he came to the side of the house to look at our meter.  He looked up in the woods with his flashlight (our power lines are underground, by the way) then came to the door and – at 2:30am – knocked.  I opened the door and appeared in all the glory you’d expect for someone who should have been asleep at this time, I said hello, he looked at me and said, I kid you not, “you’ve got no power here.”  Ya think??  He asked for help locating our transformer, then asked if he could drive over our flooded, muddy lawn.  I was too tired to complain and I really wanted to get the power back on so I said fine.

I went back and laid in bed and started to think… why is he looking at my transformer?  Was it not obvious that the entire western side of Andover is dark.  Now I understand that it’s 2:30 in the morning, but there are streetlights and glowing doorbell buttons, and no house is truly ever dark.  So why is he checking MY transformer?  Shouldn’t he be looking at the lines on the street?  Whatever, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  Another while later the big truck comes backing toward the house and attempts to back up next to my little car and I get to see strobe lights in my bedroom, hear Molly barking like an idiot, and listen to reverse beepers for the next five minutes of the 27-point turn it took him to turn around.   Then he left, it was 3am, the power was still off, but at least it was quiet and I could fall back to sleep.

A short while later I heard the delightful beep of the answering machine and the microwave as the power miraculously came back on.  I was happy, I set my alarm clock from the time on my cell phone and fell back to sleep smiling.  And then the strobe lights were back.   What the??  Mr. CL&P was back in the driveway, but was nice enough not to drive over the lawn again, instead he walked back to the transformer, for what reason I do not know, then got in his truck and left once again.  It’s now 4am.

I fell back to sleep and woke up at 6am.  I turned the TV on and figured I’d relax for another hour before my alarm went off at 7.  Not really paying much attention to the TV, the weather came on just before my alarm was set to go off and the weather guy said it was 7:56am.  WHAT?  It’s supposed to be 6:56, not 7:56.  I’m an hour late!

So needless to say, I’m not in the best shape today.  It’s taken a while just to type this because I can’t seem to spell or focus for more than a few minutes in a row.  I left the house without my glasses on, but luckily remembered before I got too far from home (no wonder everything looked blurry).  I seriously need some more sleep.  How do you new moms do it?  One night of getting up every couple of hours and I can barely manage to breathe and blink at the same time.  I have big hopes of getting more than two consecutive hours of sleep tonight, I might just get them here at my desk today the way things are going.


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