My Love for Etsy

Sine it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought it might be the perfect day to declare my love – for Esty. Recently I’ve been buying artwork and other pretty things on Etsy and now everywhere I turn in my house, there’s something lovely and handmade.

These adorable valentine’s above are from Secret Agent Josephine‘s Etsy shop: They came in this cute packaging and are just so sweet! My intention was to hand them out just like I did in school, but so far I’ve only given one to Luke. That’s OK, I like looking at them, they make me happy.

This set of four postcards hanging in my pink studio are from Other Such Things. I added them to a Target frame and voila! Happy artwork for my wall.

This lovely little oil painting is from Art by Donna Rose and now hangs in my bathroom. You can even see the reflection of my shower curtain on the left of the glass. It was a beautiful little painting on board and I added this shadowbox frame to make it really pop. I think it looks perfect against the brick red walls.

I love this poster that I got from Luceee. Amazingly, I found a poster frame that fit it perfectly so I didn’t have to buy a mat for it. I think the colors look great against the green of the guest bedroom wall, and I love the quote from Ayn Rand.

This was my most recent Etsy purchase from Krista Peel’s Etsy shop, I’ve been shopping for frames but haven’t found just the right one yet. I do know exactly where it’s going once I do find a frame though. I also got these earrings from Krista, aren’t they gorgeous?

Seriously, if you’re looking for something to hang on your walls (or your ears), browse around on Etsy. Most of the artists selling their work also sell prints. Except for the oil painting, everything I’ve bought has been a print and I haven’t spent more than $19 each on any of them! I just did a quick search on Etsy of “Art + Print” to see what I could find – I got nearly 3,000 pages of results and I already saw two more prints I want to buy on the first page! You can narrow it down by adding “flower” or “landscape” to the search. Check it out:

Soon you’ll be professing your love for Etsy, too!


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