Watching Westminster

Molly and I have been watching the Westminster dog show for the past two nights, and when I told people that Molly actually “watches” they didn’t believe me, so I had take this terribly grainy picture last night to prove it. And yes, I see that my lampshade is crooked.

There’s Miss Molly, sitting at my feet, her attention focused on the TV. I think that was the ginormous Tibetan Mastiff that I was in love with, but sadly he didn’t win for the working breeds.

We were on the edge of our seats when they announced Best in Show. Who knew a dog show could be so suspenseful? I was 100% rooting for Uno, the adorable beagle, but Molly seemed to like the Weimaraner the most. She perked up when he was on the screen.

[A little sidenote here, why does spell check have a listing of “Weisenheimer” but not “Weimaraner”??]

Yay for Uno, he won best in show and made history for being the first Beagle to do so!


One Comment

  1. You may or may not be completely familiar with my patent obsession with the dog show. If molly wants to watch at my house for the upcoming AKC show, she can – I was rooting for the Weimerwhatever, too.


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