My Dog, My Doors… Exciting

Molly’s been feeling neglected by the internet lately. It’s been a while since I posted her photo here. Just so you don’t forget about her, this is Miss Puppy, perched on her pillow, giving me the “don’t leave me here all alone” pout.

So last night I left work at a reasonable time, I didn’t have anywhere to go, and I actually got home before 4:30. It was a miracle. It almost felt like a day off! I managed to clean, make soup, clean AGAIN (I can’t stand glass top stoves), draw, crochet, shop online for things I don’t need, watch some TV, and then, after back-to-back episodes of home improvement shows on HGTV, I got off the couch, walked into the kitchen, and decided that I needed to paint the door. This happens to me whenever I watch too many HGTV home shows. It did need to happen, the door painting, but it was just sort of a whim. I had the paint, I suddenly had the motivation, so BAM! Now it’s done.

All of the exterior doors in the house are this nasty taupe color that I can’t stand, but I can’t decide what color to paint them so I’ve been ignoring them for four years. The outsides of the doors I painted red a couple of years ago, that made me happy, but this is what the insides look like:

Yuck. The door in the kitchen is right next to the stove and I stare out of it all the time and I hated the color. Now, I love it. The new color is called “Java”, but it should be called “Hershey’s” because it makes me want to lick it, it’s so beautiful.

Now, being unable to leave well enough alone, I’m thinking of painting on the door some more. I’m planning to paint the walls my favorite blue color, but I’ve been holding out for the new, red, front load washer and dryer before I paint. I figure I’m going to have to move out the appliances to paint behind them, so why not move them out, out, out the door! Makes sense to me. I don’t know though, I may have to give up on that and just paint. But anyhow, with the pretty blue (and imagine the drab, old fashioned, ivory washer and dryer being new, modern, and red) and the stainless appliances and the new chocolate door, imagine yellow curly-Qs! Something like this:

Well, maybe not that thick, but something like it. I want to do it! But first I want to paint the walls. And get the new washer and dryer. Oh, so many things to do. So many things to spend the new home equity loan on…



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