Oh, Hi There, Remember Me?

I’m sorry, it’s been nutty at work lately and we had a busy weekend and I’m so far behind n everything.  Well, everything but my Drawing 365, which I’ve been very good at keeping of top of.  Scanning my drawings, I haven’t been too on top of that, but I should catch up today or tomorrow.  Brenda of Secret Agent Josephine, one of my daily blog reads, stared her own daily drawing exercise a couple of days ago.  Funny, everyone is realizing that they need to draw more!

So what else is new?

I went through another I-hate-my-hair-I-want-to-cut-it-all-off phase again.  My sister, who thankfully is used to my crazy, took it all well.  She gave me a cut and some highlights and politely nodded when I said why don’t you just shave it all off.

After the haircut, I went to CVS to buy more things to help me stop hating the way I look and found something wonderful and miraculous that I now love.  Sometimes I’m too lazy after Luke goes to work at night to wash my face and get my makeup off.  Bad, I know, but it’s after midnight most nights and I’m just too tired to be bothered.  Then I found these Pond’s Makeup Remover Towelettes, they’re wonderful, quick and easy.  A little too perfumey, but the work well and my flaky winter patches of dry skin are disappearing.  It’s a miracle!

This weekend we committed to buy a wood-fired furnace for the house.  Yikes!  It’s a big investment but it’s so exciting to think that the whole house will be warm next winter.  Not just the basement and the living room – the areas closest to the wood stove – but the bedrooms and even the bathroom will be warm!  And the warmth will be from wood, not $4 per gallon oil.  I’m very excited.  And the furnace sits outside and looks cute, like a little smokehouse or sugar shack.  We’ll be putting it in this spring when the ground thaws.  Anyone want to buy a beautiful Jotul wood stove?

We had to join the rest of America and take out a home equity line of credit in order to buy the furnace, and of course the bank convinced us why it would be best to ask for more than we need.  We now have about five times the credit limit that we need which led to all sorts of dreaming this weekend.  Hmm… I think we need a new washer and dryer, or maybe a new motorcycle for me, or maybe a hippo…  No, we’ll be good, but we are planning to pay off my student loans and maybe Luke’s truck.  We’ll see.  Motorcycle season is coming up quickly.

Sunday I heard there was this big football game on?  Anybody watch it?  Luke had to go to bed before the Superbowl started so he wasn’t planning to see the game, and I really couldn’t care less about football, I was planning to watch a movie instead, but I was so tired Sunday evening after running around and buying a furnace (gasp!) and visiting friends, and stopping off to grab a late lunch.  I laid down with Luke thinking I’d take a little nap, and ended up sleeping from 7pm to 11pm when Luke had to get up, then going back to bed around 1am and sleeping until 7am.  I was exhausted.  Spending money and visiting friends can be tiring, I guess.

I woke up late this morning and almost forgot about voting.   Oh no!  But I did vote, and I felt like I had gone back in time with the scan cards instead of the lever machines.  I miss the big lever, that was the fun of voting.  Oh well, everyone get out there and vote today!
Tonight I go to yoga with my sister, it seems like I was just there a couple of days ago.  I am really happy with Lotus Yoga and the teachers there.  My body has been feeling good and my back hasn’t been hurting.  It’s amazing to be pain-free and not feel like you’re fighting with your body to get through the day.

Well, I promise to get my act together today and have my pictures and drawings up very soon.  I have new yarn to show you and a little crochet project I started, plus pictures of Molly and the icebergs in the river.  So many things to share.

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