Having a Better Day Than This Blue Jay

Molly was barking out the front window this morning and, although she barks at leaves and cats and my car if I park it in a different spot, I thought I’d look in case it was the neighbor’s cute golden retriever puppy on the loose again.  This is what I saw.

Can you tell what it is?  I could tell it was a bird, a hawk I thought based on the size, and it was struggling with something in or on it’s feet.  I thought it had a blue bag stuck on its feet.  I was trying to figure out how one helps a wild hawk with a plastic bag stuck on it’s feet without losing one’s eyes or limbs, when I looked closer.

Hold on just a minute!  That’s not a bag.  Are those… wings?

Why yes, they are.  Yikes.  First I was a little fascinated and horrified at what was happening a short distance from my front window, but then I was also amazed at just how blue the blue jay’s wings were.  They’re like chalky electric blue.  I felt bad, but the blue jays are the bullies of my yard.  They terrorize the little birds and scare them away from the feeders.   I guess what comes around goes around even in the bird world.

Kind of makes driving halfway to work today before realizing I left without my purse seem like not such a bad thing.

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