Have you ever had something you need to do, something you promised you’d do, but every time you think about doing it you feel a sense of dread? Like taxes. I know I have to file them, but actually looking at the TurboTax box makes me feel sick and then I come up with a million other, quite important things that I have to do instead.

A very patient, lovely woman named Anais, found my Etsy shop and requested a big version of my Tiny Tote in a very specific fabric. The brown polka dot and striped fabric I bought last spring because it was on the clearance rack as a discontinued pattern. Just like the taxes I dread to file, I dread making this bag. I have already made two others in an attempt to get the pattern right before I cut into the very slim remains of the material she wants, you may have seen them: the loud tote (too small) and the big striped prototype (too big). I ripped apart another bag I had made of the same fabric so I could use the scraps if necessary and last night I finally made my first cuts into the last of the fabric. Amazingly, I had just enough of the stripe to make the long shoulder straps you see up in that picture above, and there was enough of the polka dot to make the outside of the bag. I was even able to stitch together the old bag scraps to make sort of a quilt-looking mix of stripes and dots for the lining. Things were going well, and then I started to get tired.

This is what happens when you sew and yawn at the same time. It was about the fourth time I sewed a piece to the wrong side and I just gave up after that and went and took a nap.

The funny thing about procrastination is, as soon as I started the dreaded project, I got excited.  Even after I screwed up for the umpteenth time and gave up, I felt great because I started it and the end didn’t seem so far away.  Now I can’t wait to get back and finish the bag, not just to get it off my list, but to feel proud of my accomplishment.

So Anais, if you’re reading, thank you for your patience.  Your bag will hopefully be finished this weekend.



  1. It’s so good to hear that you screw up all the time sewing too. I thought it was just me being a bonehead. Sewing seems easy, but of all the crafts, it requires the most thinking. Thinking is tiresome.


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