Drawing 365

The Christmas drawings have been erased and the black backsplash was calling to me last night so I drew this fat cardinal.  It was quick, it was fun, and I realized that I don’t spend enough time drawing.  With all of the sewing and jewelry-making and doing all of the other things I love to do, drawing gets pushed to the side and I go for weeks at a time without drawing anything, unless you count the doodled Post-Its all over my desk at work from the boring phone calls I’ve had to sit through.  That’s just sad.  I need to draw more.
So here’s my pledge.  I joined the Crafting 365 group on Flickr (see today’s craft here) but I think I’ll start my own Drawing 365 set.  I’ll draw something, anything, everyday and try to post them all to Flickr.  They may not be perfect or finished.  I’m thinking of just drawing something from my day.  Like yesterday I could have drawn the waffles that Luke made me for breakfast, or the computer which is where I spent most of the evening.  It should be fun.  I’ll let you know when the set is up and running.



  1. Oh fun, I want to play too! I think I’ll start today by drawing my YogaDudes logo. I gotta start small and work my way up to drawing . . . say a pencil. Hold me to this! Do you think I’ll get better after 365 doodles?


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