Sunday, or How to Not Get Anything Done by Staying Up Until 2am

Oh yes, what a difference a day makes. In many ways. Just yesterday it was warmish and sunny and there was glorious mud everywhere making it look like spring had come to be my friend. Today, five inches of snow and a power outage than made me feel, first off, panicky, then secondly ashamed for feeling frantic that I couldn’t get online or listen to the news. This was much like the Saturday/Sunday difference.

Saturday, if you remember, started off at 5:30 am with a lovely walk down by the river to take pictures of the frost and fog at sunrise. I got so much done, Luke got even more done, then we got all spiffed up and went to the wedding of Luke’s cousin Pete and his new wife Jemari.

A more lavish wedding I have never been to. I almost expected attendants to come and carry us out to our cars. There was anything you could dream of and more (seriously – there were waffle sundaes!) and then it was over and unbelievably it was after midnight. After the carpool drop-offs and the ride home, it was after 2am when we climbed fell into bed.

We managed to drag ourselves out of bed around 9:30 Sunday morning just so we wouldn’t waste the whole day in bed. It was painful, but coffee helped. So did the weather, it was amazing. We spent most of the day walking around the yard.

We soaked up the warm spring weather as much as we could, knowing that soon there would be snow. Which brings us back to today, a snow day. But at least the power is back on. Now I can play on the internet and stop doing this to Molly’s hair.


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