Wild Yoga

OK, maybe it wasn’t wild, but it was loud, that’s for sure.  Day two of Andrea and Lisa’s Wild Adventures centered on trying out a newish yoga studio in Manchester called Lotus Yoga.  Now, I’ve been to many, many yoga classes.  Whether Kripalu or Hatha, professional studio or community center, they’ve all been one thing: quiet.  Generally you walk in to a dimly lit room with soft music playing and people gently stretching to get ready for the class.  So imagine my surprise when we walked into a loud, raucous room of chatty ladies at Lotus.  It seemed so wrong.  Like throwing a party in a library.  But we went for it and found our spots in the crowd.  The instructor, Melissa, came in and began to settle the crowd.  The chatting and laughing quieted, and then the instructor began to talk.  And talk and talk.  In my head I was thinking, “Oh, I’m so not coming back again.  This place is too talky.”  Andrea told me later that she was thinking the same thing.  But then the class started and it was wonderful.  Melissa was upbeat and motivating.  She led us through some combinations of poses I’ve never seen which made the same old favorites seem fresh and new.  An hour and a half later and I was wishing it wouldn’t end.   I forget how much I love yoga classes until I sit in on one.  It’s so much better than doing it alone at home where you can cheat and not hold a pose for long, or skip the ones you don’t like.  We’re hoping to join the Tuesday night class as more than just drop-ins as long as Andrea’s schedule will allow it.  I think you should join us!

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