Reality is not a happy thing to get back to. After a long and blissful two weeks off, I’m back to the real world today. Alarm clocks, traffic, footwear, and having to leave my sleepy pup and sleepy husband home while I go to that icky place called “work”, it all sucks. I much prefer being home.

The last weekend of my vacation was a good one. On Friday, Luke got home from a long night at work and found me, holding the car keys, all dressed and ready to go… somewhere! OUT! I wanted to go anywhere. I told Luke I wanted to go learn something. Go to a museum or something, anything! So Luke took a brief nap and then, rather than go out and expand our brain cells, we went and killed some. I had to go to Manchester to run some errands and I bribed Luke to go with me by offering him snacks and beers at Chili’s. Only instead of Chili’s, I remembered that there was a bar called the Blue Turtle that I had seen while Christmas shopping because it’s next to the Barnes and Noble. It looks cute and neon from the outside so I said let’s check it out. Holy cow, it was so worth it. It’s not only a bar – it’s an ARCADE! We ordered some beers and a game card and went out to play air hockey. Then we raced motorcycles and rode a virtual roller coaster. It was so cool. I love arcades. I was sipping a Guiness and thinking of our friend Megan, so I sent her a text and it turned out she was shoe-shopping in the same mall! We met up for some more fun and chatting and shoe lust, as Megan had just taken advantage of a serious shoe sale at Filene’s.

Saturday we spent the day at Paula and Karlo’s for Paula’s Annual Girl Party, as I like to call it. Luke came along to occupy Karlo, since they are not girls, and the girls commenced having fun. I brought my camera with the full intention of taking pictures, but only managed to take several pictures of this girl:

And a few of this one:

Pretty sad photo documenting on my part. But we did get to hang out and talk and eat and have fun, as usual.

Sunday I woke up feeling sad. It was the end of my vacation, the longest one I’ve had since I got married and went on my honeymoon. It was the end of my free time with Luke and my alarm clock-free mornings in a snuggly warm bed with a snoring Molly under the covers next to me. We all lazed in bed for a while and then decided we should get up and start the day. We ended up on the couch watching Myth Busters and drinking coffee until we were both embarrassed at how lazy we were. I got up to clean the bathroom (woo!) and Luke made some meatballs. Then it was time for Luke to go to bed. Boo! That meant I was almost time for ME to go to work, big boo! I was so sad I couldn’t even make anything last night. Instead I read magazines and watched Iron Chef. Very pathetic.

I did get to see the new Jamie Oliver cooking show though, that was the only bright spot in my Sunday. I now see that have a serious British fascination obsession. I must have been born on the wrong continent. I love British slang and British books, and especially British chefs. I have always loved Jamie Oliver because he’s scruffy and cute and cooks delicious simple meals, but I’d watch his show just to hear him give out recipes amounts in grams and kilos. I love that!

Anyhow, reality, that’s what I was talking about, right? Well to suspend reality just a liiittle bit more, I have an appointment tonight for my very first pedicure. My sister and I are going together. Maybe it’ll make the rest of this lousy day disappear and make me feel like I’m back on vacation. Sigh… I hope so.



  1. I can see that picture in my 2009 greyhound calendar. I wonder if any of the pictures in next year’s issue will be taken by me or entirely stolen from you.


  2. I totally understand how you feel. I always feel sad when I have to start work up again after a break. Heck, I feel sad on Sunday nights when the weekend is over. I hope you had fun at your pedicure – I LOVE pedicures! It’s the only girlie thing I do for myself


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