Lookey What I Made

No, I did not digitally enhance those colors – it’s really that bright.  Here’s the first project completed on my new wonderful fantastic sewing machine.  What a difference!  I had an Etsy request recently for a larger tote and wanted to see if I could actually make one before I said yes or no.  I used some cotton canvas that I found in a stash of sewing supplies my mother-in-law passed on to me, and I tried a new fleecy cotton as the lining instead of interfacing.  I love it!  Here’s another view of the LOUD TOTE BAG.

There’s a whole lottta pattern happening in that picture.  Sorry, that’s my ironing board cover there.  Pretty, huh?  So the tote bag is about 11″ x 11″ with nice wide handles and a pretty blue lining with an orange stripe.  Should I keep it or sell it??  Hmmm… maybe I should sell it to make money for the dental fund.

Well anyhow, this here is a picture of my new baby, I call her Jan.

I have no idea what the sewing community’s opinion of the Janome line of sewing machines is, or even if there is a line of Janome sewing machines.  Luke went to the Manchester Sewing Machine Center and told the nice ladies there what I had (an old Singer) and what I used it for (crafting, not quilting) and they recommended this machine.  I have to agree with their recommendation because I love her!  Maybe I’ll even try making clothes now!



  1. Love the bag! I would not ruin all the craft sewing fun if I were you. Sewing crafts is fun. Sewing clothes, on the other hand, nightmare. Well, it was for me anyway. But I’m sure you are a much better sewer. Even if the fabric was free, it wouldn’t be worth making your own clothes. I found it impossible and frustrating.


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