Many Thanks

This year, to thank the nice mail delivery person who has to drive up our long driveway to deliver over-sized mail, and the nice maintenance man at work who vacuums my office (you have to work here to appreciate how rare it is that I get my office vacuumed almost daily), and anyone else who has done something nice for me, I baked thank you cookies.

These are gingerbread cookies from my Gooseberry Patch cookie book, and they’re mostly made of butter which means they’re delicious. I cut out various sizes of circles, and then with a simple thinned down buttercream frosting, I piped out “thank you” or “thanks” and even a few “gracias” when I got tired of writing the same thing a hundred times over on the big ones. On the smaller ones I made snowflakes, which was way more fun. I also made a few batches of pumpkin butterscotch cookies, put them all in clear bags and tied them with silver ribbon. Ta-da! Delicious Christmas thanks.

I wish I could send one to each of you who reads this sometimes lame, sometimes boring, always chatty website every day. Thanks a bunch!



  1. how very nice of you…they look fantastic and
    delicious…i also plan on picking up the board
    game you recommended yesterday for us to play…


  2. Now that is brilliant. God, I wish I could bake. I was debating what to do for my mailman that refuses to take the packages that don’t fit into the mail box. Personally, I don’t think he deserves anything, but maybe I need to bribe him to do a better job. Do you take bakery orders?


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