So yes, I’m still not bitter about the weather. Unlike Amanda who is already planning her move to San Diego. Give me two more weeks, though, and I’ll be packing my bags, too. For now I’m happy. It’s Christmastime. We’re supposed to have snow.

I’m confident in my car, the two of us do well in the snow. Having a reeeeeally long dirt driveway can be scary, especially now that I don’t have a tall 4-wheel drive SUV, but the Yaris does surprisingly well.

Molly and I went for a ride to the post office on Friday afternoon, but first we had to run around to show how happy we were that there was snow on the ground. Well, one of us ran. The other took pictures.




Time for a rest. Phew! Now how can you be grumpy about the snow when you see pictures like that? Or like this one?

Aahhh… so pretty. (Ave Maria just burst out of the Christmas playlist on my computer as I posted this picture. Ha!)

Well, happy, happy, snow, snow. For this week, at least.



  1. Well, sure, when the snow looks all pretty-like in your bucolic and gorgeous estate, how can that make anyone grouchy? Over in my world, tho, it’s solid ice, which makes me wipe out at 11 o’clock at night in the pitch dark and land on my fanny so hard that it gives me a headache. For example. Just saying.


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