Snowed In

She wants to go out so bad, but the snow’s up higher than her belly!

So hey, look at that, it’s snowing!  A lot!  When I woke up and saw that every school in Connecticut was closed, yet no flakes had fallen yet, I had a feeling it might be a big storm.  I considered working from home, but time sheets are due today and I’m nice like that.  I figured that my staff really should get paid for their work so I headed in to finish the time sheets.  No sooner had I gotten there when the snow started.  Luke called to ask when I was leaving and could I leave NOW because it was snowing hard at home.  It was barely snowing in West Hartford.

This is what it looked like as I left school at 11.

And this is what it looked like about two miles from my house.  Two hours later.  I crawled along with traffic into Bolton where route 6 traffic was not moving at all.  I decided to head home the back way through Coventry and avoid the traffic on route 6, and this is what I saw.  You really can’t appreciate the whiteness of the blowing snow and the farm field on either side of the road, nor can you tell that there’s about shin-deep snow on the road.  It’s amazing.  I forget how different the weather can be between Andover and West Hartford.  But I made it home, singing along to Christmas carols the whole way and generally enjoying how pretty it all was.

And to anyone reading who is researching the Yaris, I can attest to the fact that it rocks in the snow.  It’s small and light, but has a surprisingly wide stance for the size.  It powered through the deep snow, no problem.  And if you can get the 5-speed, do it!  The gears are set just right so it holds back when gingerly maneuvering down twisty hills, like the ones around my house.

So now we’re all home safe and warm.  Molly won’t stop staring out the window.  Either she’s in awe of the snow or she’s waiting to see the horses run by again.  Yesterday the neighbor’s horse and pony broke loose from their fence and ran wildly through the yard.  Molly nearly burst with excitement.  But anyhow, before I wrap this rambling post up, and before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!


One Comment

  1. I recognize that road!!! That used to be the toughest part of my commute with all the snow drifts blowing from across the farm fields. Now I have 9 miles of the same thing, only lined with hundreds of trees way too close to the road. At least if you slipped off the road in Coventry, you ended up in a field and not wrapped around a tree. So glad the Yaris is treating you right!! Enjoy the snow. I can’t wait to ski tomorrow.


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