My 12 Days of Christmas

I joked with my sister yesterday that I was having my own twelve days of Christmas with the decorating of my poor, neglected tree. I’ve had it since Saturday and this is how it looked this morning. No longer naked, but almost. I managed to finish the lights on Monday, and just for fun, I threw on the beads, but then I ran out of time and so it sits, two boxes of beautiful old glass ornaments within throwing distance, yet still undecorated.

I’m sorry, tree, I’m just so busy lately trying to make stuff! I’m making and sewing and cutting and gluing and Shrinky Dinking… I haven’t found the time to leisurely hang ornaments. I promise I’ll finish before the twelve days are up. In fact, Paula is coming over on Saturday and I hope to have the ornaments finished by then. Not that I need to impress her or anything, I just need to get the boxes out of the living room to make room for the greyhounds, just in case they come… (insert guilt trip here).

I have been decorating, though. Most of the decorating happened on Sunday and each night I do a little more to make the house festive. Here are a few peeks.

I have a thing for tiny snowglobes. My decorations are a mix of old things, some of my grandmother’s old glass ornaments and decorations, and new, funky things.

Some things my sister made, things I’ve collected (nothing that I’ve made for some reason).

Grandma’s ornaments that are older than me, with a new star ornament in the middle. (It’s funny how the color of my walls is so different from corner to corner.)

A beautiful flea market chair. Looking at this chair in the corner makes me happy.

This picture makes me dizzy, but I like it. So many pretty decorations surrounding my poor, unloved tree. And tonight I don’t imagine I’ll decorate either. I was planning a marathon sewing night to make a few more last-minute totes. Last night I was up past midnight making beautiful new notecards. Oh! And look at this, can you tell it’s decoupage? I love this stuff!



  1. Forget the guilt, you depressed me further. First I can’t find a single good gift and you are the queen of gift buying. Then I can’t decorate my house and now you are the queen of holiday decorating. Everything looks so amazing. Did I mention that I hate you? When are we making ornaments together?


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