You’re All Invited – Bring Your Friends!

That’s right! YOU, yes even you, you’re all invited. Please come to my annual I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it party. I used to call it a jewelry party, but I sell so much more than jewelry now. Some people have been calling it an open house, but that sounds like something where I should be providing a lot more food and drink and you shouldn’t be bringing your checkbooks. Yes, I want you to buy things, but I also want to visit with you, so please come to browse and try on jewelry and fondle the cute new purses, but also come just to say hi and have a pre-holiday rush drink with us. Husbands and non-shopping other halves are welcome, although we generally send them to the basement to get them out of our way. Don’t worry, the basement features a bar and pool table and motorcycles and tools. The men are generally pulled there as if by magnetic force anyhow. They’re very happy down there. Some refuse to leave. So please come, and if you don’t know the vague location of “Lisa’s House in Andover,” email me and I’ll let you in on the secret.

If you want a peek at some of the things that will be available at the sale, please visit my Etsy shops (go to the Jewelry and Gifts tabs above). Most of the jewelry I have made is listed in the shop, although some recent additions haven’t made their way to the shop yet. Most of the purses have not been listed in the other shop, neither have the new cards, wallets, or Snowkids, so come to the party and see all the new goodies!



  1. Thank You for the invite! Unfortunately I work until 6 and have plans afterwards, but I will definitely be checking out your Etsy shop! I love your work!


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