Look! Snow. Happy November. It’s supposed to be in the high 50s on Thursday. This weather is crazy, but you won’t hear me complain. I was actually psyched to see snow this morning. I don’t complain about snow until, oh, about January 2nd when Christmas is over and the novelty has worn off. It was so pretty this morning and the sound of the flakes on the grass outside was so peaceful… I’m sure I’ll be linking back to this post in March when I’m complaining, once again, about the weather.

Even the drive in wasn’t bad. The roads were fairly empty and people seemed to be driving responsibly. I did see two accidents, I saw one actually happen on 384 in Manchester when a van slid into a truck. Oh wait, I almost forgot, I took pictures! (While driving safely, of course.)

This is ten seconds before the accident in Manchester. I was just trying to capture the snow falling against the trees, I didn’t intend to capture an accident in process.

Heres route 218 in Bloomfield (complete with wiper action). It totally looks like winter!

This is the St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield (and my awesome polka dot upholstery). Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Drive safe everyone! Enjoy the snow, it’ll all be gone tomorrow.


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