Did You Know?

Did you know that I listed jewelry in my Etsy shop yesterday like a madwoman? I did, go see.

Did you know that I made my first sale of jewelry to Australia yesterday? Yup. My jewels are off to Oz. (Thank you Bronwen!)

Did you know that today is Friday, tell-a-friend-Friday? It is, so go listen to Croncast.

Did you know that my favorite color is blue but I tell everyone it’s pink? Weird. And also, there’s some disconnect in my brain that causes me to say (and type) the completely wrong color that I’m thinking. And even more strange, the color I accidentally say (or type) is often the opposite of the color I meant to say (or type) on the color wheel. For instance, in that last sentence, I wanted to type “blue”, but I typed “orange” and when I wanted to type “pink”, I typed “purple”. Strange.

Did you know I like strange facts and random observations? And urban legends. Go here some time to read up and waste time.

Did you know that I had nothing really interesting to write about today so I thought I’d throw out some random statements instead of not blogging? Ya, you probably figured that out.



  1. My favorite color is now green but I still say “purple.”

    I’m hoping my green phone and green blog and green purse might help me remember but I don’t have much hope.


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