Decisions to Make

This here is the start of the invitation I’m putting together for the annual holiday sale I may, or may not be having. I can’t decide. I go through this all the time. I want to have a holiday sale to sell stuff (duh!) and make money to buy Christmas presents, but I need to have enough inventory to not look like a fool inviting a bunch of people over to fight amongst themselves about who gets to take home the ten necklaces I have for sale. I do have more than ten, in reality, maybe closer to twenty, but I prefer to have, like fifty. I also want to have more purses and matted artwork and cards, but I’m running out of time.

For the past two years I’ve had this holiday sale after Thanksgiving, usually the first weekend of December before everyone’s schedules get too crazy. Last year I shared the sale with my friend Karen, who is far too busy this year with very cool craft shows (lucky lady) to lug her inventory to Connecticut again. This year I wanted to have the sale and donate a portion of my profit to Luke’s cousin’s daughter, Emily, who is trying to raise money for a trip with the Girl Scouts. But should I have the sale? I can’t decide.

It would be easy to just not have a sale this year, no planning or cleaning or frantic last-minute crafting, but I think I would miss it. And if I didn’t have a sale, then what the heck am I making all this stuff for? I actually ask myself this all the time. I make stuff and have my Etsy shops, but really my stuff sells about 500% better when people can see it and touch it and try it on. If I don’t do craft fairs (which I haven’t had luck with) and if I don’t have my annual holiday sale, then why am I filling my house with crafts and spending my money on supplies? See? I start thinking about these things and I go all melancholy.

So I don’t know. I have to make a decision this weekend because if I have the sale, it’s going to be on Friday December 7, and that’s coming quick! I just don’t know. What do you think?



  1. You should definitely have the sale. I’m not exactly sure why you wouldn’t. isn’t it better to have it and sell out all your inventory than not have it and have a bunch of stuff hanging around the house. You can always take orders for more items. Have lots of pictures of your pieces so people can see them (even if they all sell out). Just do it.


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