How Paypal Saved My Life

OK, perhaps that’s a little dramatic, but in the scope of my world, it was a feat pretty close to life-saving.

On Friday, I lost my debit card. Again. It was only hours before the big opening reception at work which has been eating away at my brain, and also my will to live. I went to the ATM to get cash for breakfast with Luke, went to work and decided I needed a bottle of water (and maybe some Gummi Bears) and when I went to pay, I could not find my debit card anywhere. Wallet, purse, pants pockets, coat pockets, desk, car… I looked everywhere. I was convinced that I had thrown it out by accident, although after talking with Luke later in the day, I think I may have left the ATM without taking my card out of the machine. Either way, just to be safe, I called the bank and canceled my card. Again.

This would be the third time I lost my card. The last two times, it wasn’t actually lost, I just stuck it in the wrong side of my wallet where it got lost behind my checkbook, and never mind, I’m an idiot. Each time I lose it, I have to pay $5 to the bank, a stupidity fee I think, and then wait two weeks to get a new card. That’s fine, except that this time I lost my card on a Friday before a holiday. I was too busy lazy to go to the bank on Saturday to order my card, the bank was closed Monday, so I had to wait until this morning to go there in person to reorder my card. Now next week is another holiday and I probably won’t get my new debit card until December! (Panic, shortness of breath… ) How do I BUY anything without a debit card???

Enter Paypal, beloved Paypal. A while back I got myself a handy Paypal debit card so I could spend the money in my Paypal account on things like shipping for the things I sold on ebay, instead using the money in my bank account for the shipping and leaving my Paypal money in the virtual bank of Paypal where Luke uses it to buy motorcycle stuff on ebay. Anyhow, sitting at my computer debit card-less and sad, I realized that I could link my Paypal debit card not only my Paypal account, but also to my bank account! Hallelujah! I found a way around my sad state and I have Paypal to thank. Now I’m spendy and free, able to buy Thanksgiving fixins and Christmas presents while I wait for my real debit card to arrive.

Thank you Paypal, you saved my life.


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