My New Happy Place

I know I said that the antique store was my happy place, but I’ve changed my mind. My new studio/office is my happy place now. A little dust, a little damage to the old walls the desk was mounted on, and poof! My new office came together this weekend. Yay!!!

The desk which used to be here, is now in the pink room and it fits even better there than it did in the old office. Here are some more views, although I’m beginning to wonder if this shade of pink doesn’t suck the light out of the room because I can’t seem to get a good shot in here no matter what time of day.

These are the cool bulletin boards over the desk. I love them. They’re made from foam core with fabric spray mounted to it, then I added clips from the office supply store that are meant to pin into fabric cubicle walls.

The beading area, here’s an up close shot:

Like my repurposed paper towel holder? I stole it from the kitchen. Now I have to go buy another, but it’s exactly what I wanted to keep my wire and cords from tangling.

Here’s the other corner, a little blurry. That’s my drawing desk and my cutting area. Everyone needs a cutting area. I couldn’t live without my paper cutter.

Another shot of the cutting area. Maybe I should call it the Cutting Corner. Maybe the Kutting Korner, oh, that would be great. The top is the leaf from my dining room table, it’s only temporary while I nag Luke to make me a real top that will allow me to actually open the closet door. Sorry for the harsh lighting there, it does make the totes look dramatic though, doesn’t it?

And one more shot of my beautiful drawing desk. I found this desk sitting in a relative’s side yard next to the fire pit. It was slated to be burned at the next bonfire and had been out there getting rained on for several weeks. Lisa’s Wood Rehabilitation Center took the neglected desk in, sanded it, chased the spiders out of it, oiled it and gave it love, and now it’s a beautiful desk, perfect for this room. On deck at Lisa’s Wood Rehabilitation Center?  That desk chair.  I pulled it out of the bulky waste bin at the dump on Saturday and it’s in need of some love. That big monster outside that window? That’s Luke’s happy place. He needs to learn to put his toys away and not leave them scattered about the yard.

So that’s it for now. Still more organizing and decorating to come, but for now I love it. It definitely makes me happy.



  1. Awesome!!! So RIDICULOUSLY neat and orderly. Are you sure you’re an artist? I can’t wait to see it in person because I swear the room still looks orange. I can’t wait to get the full effect by being there.


  2. Hello,

    I just found your blog today and I fell in love with your “new” office. Your pictures inspired me and I am thinking about remodeling my office as well. I was wondering how big your office is, since it looks like you were able to fit two desks plus your cutting corner in it.

    Thank you!


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