Oh Yes… It’s Pink

(And BTW, holy crap I have a lot of freckles. I could be part leopard.)

Yes, if you weren’t an impatient nerd like my friend Karen, who went to the Benjamin Moore website to see what color Potpourri was, here’s your answer: PINK! It’s the same hue as the Sweet Potato, no lighter, no darker, it’s jut a perkier, happier, pinkier color and I love it. An hour and a half of slow, meditative cutting in and rolling on and my new studio was pink.

Two more shout outs to Benjamin Moore paint here… one thick coat around the room and I haven’t even used half the can in a 12′ x 10′ room, and also, it smells nice. Seriously, like fruit. I had the door closed so I could work quietly and not wake sleeping Luke and after I finished, I realized that it didn’t smell like paint, it smelled… pleasant. Yay Benjamin Moore.

And I even had time to play with my Mod Podge. I can’t stand the boring, cheap plastic light switch covers and each new room I redo ends up getting the modern stainless steel light switch covers which I’m now growing tired of. Enter, Mod Podge and some scrapbooking paper. Ta-da! Spiffy light switch covers.



  1. Holy cow, it looks awesome. Now I’m even more depressed that I spent half a day painting a color that is not even noticeable. sigh.


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