Brain Fatigue

All weekend long I relaxed, I recharged, I watched movies and went for walks. I hung out with Luke and played with Molly. It was great. And all the while, I thought of possible things I could write about here. Oh the stories I could tell you! Then Monday morning rolls around and suddenly my brain is so full of urgent details of the crazy things that need to be done this week in time for the big opening reception I’m organizing at work, that the thought of relaxing for twenty minutes and writing about the wonderful weekend I had, or even complaining about the cold or the time change or the Christmas commercials on TV, makes me feel like I’m at the end of my quickly fraying rope. I don’t even have time to upload my photos to Flickr! But know that I am stockpiling the good stories and (if I can remember them) you will have more than you probably care to read in the very near future. Oh, and hey, come to our opening reception this Friday. It will be awesome, I guarantee it.


One Comment

  1. Yay! I am excited to hear all about your weekend. Especially if it was relaxing. Because I am physically jealous of people who get to relax. And sleep. ooooh, sleep. How I miss thee.


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