Wishful Thinking

Christmas is coming. I just Googled “days till Christmas” and found that there are only 61 shopping days left. Target has their Christmas trees out, Jo-Ann Fabric shoved the Halloween costumes out of the way weeks ago to make room for the ornament display, and I keep thinking about what I want to buy and/or make for everyone on my shopping list. Whenever I get asked about what I want for Christmas, I always feel uncomfortable and inappropriate, like Christmas lists and wish lists are for kids, grown-ups shouldn’t do that. But still, someone will ask, and so I have to come up with an answer. For a while, Amazon was great for keeping a wish list because they have goods from so many retailers, but if you want something unique or handmade, there was nowhere to place a subtle hint, a guilt-free wish list. Until Etsy. I love Etsy for so many reasons, but one of the best is the “Favorites” link on every shop homepage. I like to look at these lists if I see a shop selling things I like. It’s like getting recommendations from someone I know has tastes like mine. But then I realized that it was a great way to also keep a Christmas wish list. When I’m browsing around on Etsy and see something I love, I click the “Add Item to Favorites” link and viola! a new item is added to my ever revolving wish list. Check it out, here’s what my wish list looks like right now: Pretty please, I’ve been a good girl, I swear. There’s a tab for items I like, and there’s a tab for the shops I like. Very cool. Even if you’re not a seller, you can set up a favorites page as a buyer on Etsy, too. Just register, and click away. Then make sure everyone knows your Etsy ID so they can look you up and see what’s on your list. Happy shopping!



  1. What on earth are you going to do with that Fox Softie Doll? Any why do you want earrings that you can make yourself? The goat doll was cute.


  2. I cant make all of those things, and if I made everything I wanted the I COULD make, I’d have to quit my job and stay home to make things all day. It’s nice to support other crafters and artists and it saves me the trouble.

    And that fox doll is just so cute. It makes me happy to look at it.


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