Sexy, huh? The sad thing is that I look at this picture and think: I rolled out of bed, put a hat on, and never did my hair. How embarrassing. Oh right, the big gash on my lip, yeah, that’s pretty awesome, too.

So we were target shooting yesterday. I decided to try out a shotgun that a friend brought, and it kicked up and back more that I thought it would, causing me to clock myself. That’s right, I punched myself in the face. It really didn’t hurt, it was just a little shocking, and then there was all the blood. I was worried I broke a tooth but luckily it was just a gash on my lip.

I called my mom, who is the #1 most awesome mom/registered nurse on the planet. Imagine calling your mom, slightly freaked out at the fact that you just split open your lip and are now bleeding all over, and saying something to the effect of, “we were shooting guns… and I punched myself in the mouth…and I’m not bleeding anymore… should I get stitches?” Now imagine how YOUR mom would react. My mom quietly gave me advice to ice it and keep it moist, she said good-bye without ever screaming “you did WHAT!?” or driving over to my house to smack me for being stupid. This morning when I sent her an email to thank her for her advice, and thank her for not acting shocked, she said, “you shooting a shotgun does not shock me” and also “I would avoid vigorous kissing for the near future.” Two of the many reasons I love my mom.

So I’m fine, I’ve got a nasty-looking fat lip, and I’m storing up potential stories to tell strangers in the grocery store. Luke preferred the “I fell down the stairs” line, I thought I might use Amy Sedaris’ line “I’m in love,” but I think I’ll just go with, “alligator wrestling”.  And I’m also looking forward to healing quickly so I can smile again, and of course, the vigorous kissing.


  1. Oh my good Lord. Thank God for moms. Especially RN moms! Bonus! I hope your lip feels better soon. No more shooting guns!


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