Brace yourselves for the whininess.

Last night, after finding out about the ebay fiasco, I wasn’t feeling as creative as usual.  I sat down to watch Funny Face (which was adorable, it was the first time I’d ever seen it) and sew some purses.  I put one together but kept forgetting things and breaking thread and riping seams.  It wasn’t going well.  Hence, only one purse was made.  This little brown one.  Which looks terrible in this picture because I left my camera in the car overnight and the lens fogged up when I brought it in to take a picture of the bag.  I didn’t have time to defog, so here is what this cute little purse would look like on a foggy day.  Or with dirty glasses.  Or maybe if you were tipsy.  I’m still grumpy.  Can you tell?

There is something to look forward to that might bring me out of my funk, Pushing Daisies tonight on ABC.   I’m very excited.


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