I am profoundly ashamed. I pride myself in spotting scams and fake emails. I don’t fall for any of that crap, or so I thought. I just found out that I was the victim of a scam. I was so excited to reach a feedback rating of 100 on ebay that when I received the email copied below, I couldn’t wait to click the link and become a Power Seller. Dummy. All signs point to scam. The email address the message is coming from doesn’t relate to ebay. The website I was directed to, which I paid no attention to at the time, is http://www.powersetup1.com, not ebay. But still, I clicked, I linked, I entered my account name and password, and now, two days later, I get a message from ebay telling me that my account was accessed by an unauthorized third party to list items without my authorization. I am ashamed. I am so thankful to ebay for being on the ball, and so mad at myself for being a giant jackass, that I haven’t even explored the feelings of violation and rage at the scammers who stole my ID. Maybe tomorrow.

Take this as a warning my ebay friends, beware of where you click. Know where you are when you’re entering your account information. Do what I usually do when I get an email from ebay, but I stupidly did not do in this situation, log onto ebay and check the messages on your account. If ebay did in fact send a message to your email address, the same email will be in your messages on your account page and you can trust that it is safe, otherwise delete it.



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