Buzzard Crest 2007

So it’s mid-October and the forecast says daytime highs in the low 60’s, overnight lows only in the 30’s. So what should we do this weekend? How about we pack up the bikes and head to New York to go camping?! What? What are you shaking your head? Well you’re no fun.

This weekend was our second year at Buzzard Crest, the annual gathering of our friends Sioux and Voyle at their home in Pine Plains, NY. In the week leading up to this trip I was seriously dreading it. No just because of what happened last year on the way up there, but mostly because of the inevitable cold and my ever-increasing wussiness. I really wanted it to rain so I could have a good excuse not to go, but it didn’t and I went, and it was beautiful.

We did begin to wonder if this trip was cursed when we made it as far as Avon and needed to pull over to fix Luke’s bike. More trouble with the muffler clamps. Thank you Harley-Davidson for not issuing a recall and solving this problem which you know exists, or at least recommending a temporary fix. Anyhow, using H-D parts number Left Hand 1 and Right Hand 2, Luke fixed his bike and we were back on the road in ten minutes flat.

Molly was unamused with this unscheduled delay. She wants her money back.

We were off, we rolled over Avon Mountain, up route 44 through the most beautiful parts of Connecticut. I have to say, Salisbury is still my favorite town. One day I will get Luke to stop there and I will take pictures of it’s Stars Hollow-ish cuteness. At one point, driving through Millerton, NY (another adorable town) I saw a temperature reading on a bank sign that said 52 degrees. Brrrr! We made it into New York where all of the fun, sweeping motorcycle roads are kept, and up to Soiux and Voyle’s in time to take some pictures and enjoy the sunset.

It was an early night for us, I think we were in the tent by 8:30, but Luke had been up since 11pm the night before and I was looking forward to snuggling with Molly in my sleeping bag. We woke up early the next morning to frost everywhere. It was COLD. We borrowed Siouxzy’s car and went out to breakfast and waited for the weather to warm up.

The day was turning beautiful and we decided to take a ride out to Max’s BMW, a place we’d heard so much about, and a good excuse to go for a ride. I overheard someone say it was about 70 miles one way so I kept that in my mind as we rode. I was bundled up, but it was c-c-cold and luckily, we were there in about 63 miles. Bonus!

Max’s was wonderful, the people were so nice and Luke found another new bike he wants to buy. I sat on a few bikes, we looked around, and then we were off, headed for home. Or at least that’s what I thought. I figured that we got there in 63 miles, it should be 63 miles back. Wrong. We were following Dave, who knew the way and brought us down some amazing roads, but when we hit 100 miles and still weren’t back at Siouxzy’s, I was done. My butt hurt, I was hungry, and I wanted to get off the bike. We took an emergency break on the side of the road for a couple of minutes and were lucky enough to see this view.

My butt hurt a little less after soaking in the scenery, but then we were back on the road again headed homeward. Two u-turns, one stop for directions, and one stop at the grocery store we were back home to a very happy puppy who was never so glad to see us. We had decided to leave her home with some of the campers who weren’t going for a ride and she was none too happy about that.

Back at Sioux and Voyle’s, we got ready for the big dinner and bonfire. Sioux was cooking up a storm and campers were rolling in from all directions. We ate like pigs, we sang birthday songs to three of the campers, and we even got to hear Voyle sing around the campfire.

Another early night and an early morning. This morning was much warmer, no frost on the bikes. We packed up and headed home with Dad following along. Riding through the same spot in Millerton, I noticed that the temperature was 48 degrees. I guess it wasn’t warmer.

Home we went where we lit the wood stove for the first time this season and huddled around it to thaw out. Surprisingly, Molly didn’t seem to mind the cold on this trip. She’s sheltered by the windshield and she wears two coats and she didn’t seem to mind at all. No shivering, no complaining. She’s one tough little cookie.

Thank you to Sioux and Voyle and everyone else for a great weekend. It was spectacular and I’m glad now that it didn’t rain and give me an excuse not to go.

If you’d like to see all of my pictures from the weekend (all 99 of them) go here to view the full set.

3 thoughts on “Buzzard Crest 2007

  1. What a great story!
    I love the picture in the gazing ball. Reminds of the Wizard of Oz for some reason!

    Thanks for coming and helping make my party FUN!!!
    Molly is always a star too.


  2. That hat of yours with the ears is a riot. I need one. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Aren’t ya glad you went?

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