You Asked For It

I had a record-setting night last night (it’s amazing what you can do when you get out of work *almost* on time). Not only did I roast a chicken for dinner, I also made three, that’s right THREE new tiny totes. Since I got some lip yesterday for not showing you the ones I made the night before, here they are. This week’s lineup. The lining fabric for each is the same as the fabric used for the handles, except for the little orange bag on the left, which has blue striped fabric on the inside. Cute, huh? I think so. I really like the polka dot one with the black handles my eye keeps tracking back to that one. They’re not up in the shop yet, so stay tuned.

Are there any sewing machine operators out there reading? I have a stupid newbie question. Is there such a thing as a quiet sewing machine? As you know, I sew in the same house as a wonderful 3rd shift-working husband who is trying to sleep while the sound of a runaway train, or is that a diesel engine? no wait, that’s my sewing machine blaring away from the other end of the house. I have an old Singer that used to be my sister’s, and the piece that holds the bobbin in has been broken forever, making it clatter away while I sew. I tried to have it fixed but the guy at the sewing machine center told me that it more intricate than it seemed and it was like putting a new transmission into a 1980 Pinto with 300,000 miles on it. It just wasn’t worth it. It still sews fine, but it’s LOUD. I feel bad about the noise and I was considering asking Santa for a new machine for Christmas. But is it worth it? Will a new one be any quieter? Just curious.

In other news, did anyone watch Pushing Daisies last night? I think I’m in love. It was delightful. Quirky characters, fantastic costumes, quick, funny dialogue. All that plus Jim Dale (the voice of the Harry Potter audio books) narrating? It was fantastic. I’m sorry I missed the first episode. I watched the whole hour not wanting to blink, there was so much to catch, so much I didn’t want to miss. It was like watching a Dr. Seuss story come to life. Absolutely beautiful. One of the best parts last night – Kristin Chenoweth singing Hopelessly Devoted and dancing with her dog in the restaurant where she works called “The Pie Hole”. Just too much fun!



  1. I love the polka dot one the best too!

    What is Pushing Daisies? A new TV series? What channel? What time? Does it conflict with my new Kelsey Grammar show at 8 PM?


  2. I read Flannery’s blog which is how I found you. Some of the computerized sewing machines are significantly quieter. Check out the Kenmore line at Sears. They are manufactured by other sewing machine companies. Several years ago they were manufactured by Janome and may still be.


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