Recently, I’ve been corresponding by email with many people whom I have never met. Work connections, artists, galleries, etc. I’ve noticed an annoying new trend in these emails which has shot to the top of my pet peeve list above my old peeves, the words “interwebs” and “internets” (sorry Amanda). My new annoyance is demonstrated in this sample email:

Ms. Gaumond,

No I will not loan you XYZ, I am far too snobby to let you show it in your gallery.  In the meantime, please admire my fantasticness and all the places I’m mentioned on the interwebs.

Arteest O’Gallery

Is it the rude snobbery that bothers me? No, it’s the word “Best”.  Best what?  Best… wishes?  I don’t get it.  Some days I’m not feeling terribly friendly, should I sign my emails “Worst”?  I think I might try that.  On those days I’m feeling melancholy, I’ll sign them “So-so”.  What is this about and why is it happening?  It makes no sense and it needs to stop.


One Comment

  1. I LOVE the words “internets” and “interwebs” – but only because I first heard them on The Colbert Report, which is one of my favorite shows ever.



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